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Funeral Quote:
"They don’t just recognise that a life has ended;
they recognise a life was lived"



Nicky Moran: Professional Funeral & Memorial vocalist / singer suitable for funerals in Staffordshire | Shropshire | West Midlands


As the Coffin and Mourners make
their way into the service

During the Service...

This complements the readings

Replacement of Hymn...
Whilst grieving, this can be hard for
the congregation to sing any hymn. 
Nicky can sing a solo piece to
replace this.

As the Coffin and mourners are
exiting the service

The Eulogy...
Speech given at a funeral to fondly remember the life of the person who died.



Nicky Moran is one of the regions most requested Funeral Singers.

Funeral Singer at such a poignant time provides a fitting touch to any funeral service. A Professional Funeral Singer is equally suitable for either a crematorium, church service or Catholic Mass.

A song provides a powerful and meaningful part to any ceremony, especially if your loved one had a song they held dear, maybe a song they used to sing, or a song which marked a special occasion. Nicky is a complete professional
Funeral Singer with many years experience.


Cremation / Crematorium

Civil Funerals

Church Funeral / Service

Memorial Service / Tribute

Post service gathering

1. Ave Maria

2. Over the Rainbow

3. Pie Jesu

4. Danny Boy

5.Amazing Grace

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