Nicky Moran: Funeral Singer

"They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.
Death cannot kill what never dies.


Nicky Moran is a professional Funeral & Memorial vocalist / singer suitable for funerals in Staffordshire | Shropshire | West Midlands



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  What is the charge for hiring your services?

  This dependant on location, songs and quantity of songs you require. Once I have this information, I can provide you with an accurate quotation.  
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  Do you only sing in Church, or do you also sing in the crematorium?
  I'm available to sing at any location, Church or Crematorium. A Church service usually has more time for a song, however I regularly sing in many crematoriums without any issues.  
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  Are you able to sing acapella (unaccompanied)
  Yes.  This has become very popular of late.  Many people find this a beautiful and moving tribute to their loved one.    
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  Do you use your own equipment?


  I have small unobtrusive equipment which has been fitted into a special unit which looks like a lectern, and does not stand out in anyway.

The most popular request is currently to sing acapella (without accompaniment / music)

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  Where within the Service is the best point to sing?






  There are many suitable places for a song 
  • Processional
    As the Coffin and Mourners make there way into the service
  • During the Service
    This complements the readings
  • Recessional
    As the Coffin and mourners are exiting the service

Replacement of Hymn
Whilst grieving, it can be hard for you or the congregation to sing.
It is an ideal opportunity to replace a Hymn with a favourite song.

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  We have a song not on this site, can you sing this for us?


  I try to accommodate most requests. You must obtain permission from the person who conducts the service as they may not allow some songs to be sung, especially if they feel it's not in keeping with the environment where the funeral service is taking place.  
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  What  times are you available to sing


  As a professional vocalists, I'm available to sing at any time of the day. Some vocalists may have to juggle the service around their day job.

As singing is my full time occupation you have my full commitment and can be assured of my reliability.
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  Do you have any insurance?
  I belong to the Entertainers Union EQUITY - Along with membership I  also have £10,000.000 public liability insurance.  
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  Is your equipment safe?
  Our equipment is PAT tested along with regulations and tested every year. We carry our PAT certificates with us at all times.  
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  How much time do I have to give so we can book your services.
  There is usually only around 7 - 10 days to organise the funeral service it's self. As a full time vocalists, I'm usually able to accommodate most services providing we have not already taken another funeral booking.  
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  Do I have to arrange this myself?



  We make the process very easy. Usually one call is all that's needed. You can rest assured everything will be taken care off.

We are known to many Funeral Directors, especially in the West Midlands and Staffordshire area. Should you feel unable to arrange this yourself, please give them our phone number and we can liaise directly.